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Viewing the Site

This site is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer and 1024*768 resolution

Navigating the Site

You can use the fold out menus on the contents page to navigate through the topics.

If the grey menus do not appear when you move your pointer over the orange boxes, your browser is not DHTML enabled.

You can upgrade to Internet Explorer 6.0 at Microsoft.com, or use the text only site map to navigate.


You can use the ruler at the top of every page to navigate between different pages under the same topic. The triangle marks your current position.


If you are unable to view images and animations move your pointer over the image for a short description, and look out for links to longer text-only descriptions of complicated images.


To print a page, click once in the middle of your browser window to select the content frame, rather than the left hand menu. Choose Print from your browser's file menu, or press P whilst holding down the Ctrl key. When the print options dialogue appears ensure that you have chosen to print only the selected frame. Click ok.