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Commercial success depends on the development of catalysts and catalyst supports for all parts of a fuel cell system, and lower production costs as the scale of production goes up.
Fuel Cells for Transport


  • Simple devices with few moving parts
  • Nearing performance equal to that of the internal combustion engine
  • Fuel cell cars will have similar range and performance to cars with internal combustion engines
  • Fuel cell cars offer fuel economies equivalent to 90 miles per gallon (about 3 litres per 100 kilometres).
  • Fuel cell engines will bring a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
Putting it into practice

Daimler-Chrysler plans to build a fuel cell version of a car from 2004 at a rate of 40,000 cars per year.

Toyota, Ford and General Motors say they will also launch fuel cell cars by 2004.

Fuel cells have already been put into service on urban buses in Vancouver, Chicago and Berlin.

and what about a fuel cell bike?